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Work and Publications From College:
  • Mashup Visual Programming (MVP) Editor:  Senior Design Project which combines OWL-S, multi-touch technology, and HCI to create an easy-to-use application for constructing, publishing, and executing projects containing web service mashups.
  • Finalizer: Final exam organizer application for Drexel University students. Students can search for and choose classes, create a calendar which can be printed or exported to iCal, and view map containing the locations of the exams. For CS338, Graphical User Interfaces.
  • Voice IRC (VIRC): An application which mimics Skype audio chat and uses IRC-like features such as join/leave rooms, kick users, and invite. For CS544, Computer Networks.
  • Othello: A program which allows for the playing of the game Othello, both via commandline and GUI. For CS451, Software Engineering.
  • Conference Management System: A composition of web services which allows for conference management with the roles of editor, reviewer, author, and administrator. For CS575, Software Design.
  • "Archiving the Semantics of Digital Engineering Artifacts in CIBER-U", by William Regli, Michael Grauer, David Wilkie, Joseph Kopena, Martin Piecyk, and Jordan Osecki. IAAI 2009.
  • "De-centralized Peer-to-Peer MapReduce System", by Omar Badran, Jordan Osecki, and William Shaya. For CS647, Distributed Systems.
  • "Cell Phone Menu Hierarchy Study with GOMS Modeling", by Jordan Osecki. For CS630, Cognitive Systems.
  • "Generic Web Services Mash-up Integrated Development Environment", by Tim Cheeseman, Ngoc Nguyen, and Jordan Osecki. For G.I.C.L., CS690, Special Topics Class on Artificial Intelligence Planning.